Beer trip gone wrong

This is a very good example why you need a Homemade Kegerator, could have avoided this terrible experience, man I'm glad I wasn't this guy.

Hate these stupid phones in the first place, but she didn't have to act like that either. You have to feel bad for this guy, it could have been you.

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Kleening the Kegerator

Now that you have spent a little time and money, and your kegerator is up and running you need to take very good care of it.
There are special KEGERATOR CLEANING KITS you can purchase, for around 25.00$ or so.
Over a period of time your beer lines, fittings, and taps will become covered in "calcium oxalate" wich is a chemical compound that forms crystals, and starts to scale up on the inside of you beer lines, taps, and fittings. If you do not clean your kegerator, bacteria will grow very quickly, causing a number of problems like beer taste different, foaming, or the worst make people sick.
All that you need to do is buy a Beer cleaning kit to get started, they will come with step-by-step instructions. 

At Homemade Kegerator you will find all the instructions and a step-by-step video on everything.
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Size does matter

If you have a full size kegerator you should be safe with any size keg, but to be on the safe side always measure and don't forget to take in account if there are any shelves in the refrigerator and the CO2 tank that you will also have in there. Also remember to get the correct tap and be gentle with the keg try not to bump it around.
Here are the different keg sizes, gallons, and how many 12oz servings you should get.

Even though I don't care for the steelers, I think this is a pretty cool HOMEMADE KEGERATOR.

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“Keg in the closet”

On the subject of kegerators and beer, someone posted some concert footage of Kenny Chesney singing “Keg in the closet”.

Being that I do like country music, I thought I may as well as share it.

Keg in the closet pizza on the floor left over from the night before”
I bet a lot of us have been there.
This is a awsome kegerator, must have taken a lot of time.
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Fastest beer you’ve ever seen

There are turbotap kegerator kits for sale about 250.00 or so. If you have a lot of parties then it would be well worth it. Just be sure to keep a close eye on it.
I think this tap is perfection, wish they would have had this a long time ago.
Wich one is the KEGERATOR?
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Coldest beer in town

Cold beer not only taste best when it’s cold, but there are also other factors that are associated with why you should keep it nice and cold.

When you refrigerate your keg you should keep it between 36-38 degrees, you should always tap your keg when it is nice and cold or you may get a glass of foam.

If your temperature rises above 50 degrees bacteria starts to grow rapidly, and can spoil the flavor and then the beer becomes cloudy.

If the keg is too warm, it will foam up, and you could potentially loose up to 25% of the beer as a result of this, so colder beer taste better and also saves from wasting.

The best way to keep an eye on this is to keep a thermometer in your kegerator at all times and be prepared to adjust the cooling when necessary, and try to keep the door closed.

If you have any liquor, keep them in the freezer.

I will be posting pics. of really cool Homemade kegerators

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Homemade kegerator

How to make you own HOMEMADE KEGERATOR,
Keg dimensions are very important, when making your homemade kegerator, so keep this in mind when you go out to buy your used refrigerator. You will also want to keep in mind that you will probably have shelves on the door, so you will also need to measure the width, you should have no problems even with the shelves on the door. Another thing to keep in mind is the gas tank for CO2 or Nitrogen. Make sure you factor in that space.The gas tank diameter will be under 9". Make sure the CO2 tank is sitting level.
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